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10 awesome ways to raise money for your favourite charity

When a charity touches your heart, your own donation might not seem like enough. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a seasoned fundraiser to raise cold, hard cash for a worthy cause. With a little passion and a lot of heart, you too can make a difference in the world. Read on for 10 creative ideas to get you started.

  1. Take on a personal challenge.
    Remember all of those crazy videos of people dumping buckets of ice over their heads? They made you giggle, right? They also raised an astounding $115 million for the ALS Association 1, brought awareness to a devastating disease and spurred a huge increase in ALS research. Other examples of personal challenges include shaving your head, growing a mustache, running a marathon or dyeing your hair to mark a fundraising goal. They don’t require a significant outlay of cash and they may not even take much of your time. But you can have a real impact.
  2. Harness the talent 
    Poll friends, family and colleagues for folks who have a way with a microphone. Then hold a talent show. You might organize a Battle of the Bands, or simply open it up to magicians, singers, ventriloquists or budding comedians of all ages. Cut down on expenses by asking a restaurant or other business to host the event and charge an entry fee as well as a charge to cast votes for different categories.
  3. This is not Jeopardy!!! 
    A “quiz show” night gives people a chance to socialize and have fun while competing for bragging rights. Charge an entrance fee for attendees and group people into different teams to play against each other.
  4. A marvellous day in the neighbourhood 
    Get your whole street in on the action. Rent a bouncy castle and set up a hotdog stand, games of chance (think bean bag toss, balloon blaster and horseshoes) and a silent auction as profit centres. You can even charge an entry fee.
  5. Garage sale for good 
    Kill two birds with one stone – rid yourself of the assorted clothes, books, toys and unused goods gathering dust in your house, and raise money for charity while you’re at it. Choose a Saturday or Sunday on a fine day when people are out and about and set up tables on the sidewalk with your wares. Make sure you have a big sign indicating all proceeds to go to charity – buyers will be far less likely to dicker.
  6. Raffle it off 
    Just made a one-of-a-kind quilt? Sell tickets for a draw. If tickets are reasonably priced, there’s a good chance you’ll raise far more money than you would through an outright sale. Alternatively, hold a 50-50 draw, where the prize is 50 percent of the money raised through the raffle. The rest goes to – you guessed it – your charity!
  7. Gift wrap it 
    Malls and shopping centres may welcome a well-organized team of wrappers during the holidays. Make it clear that any fees you charge are earmarked for charity.
  8. Dress down for charity 
    Everyone loves dress-down-for-Friday. Why not arrange something with your employer to allow a casual dress code on one special day? This can give your colleagues a chance to dress comfortably and can help you reach your donation target.
  9. In lieu of gifts … 
    Celebrating a special birthday? Often guests spend their hard-earned money on gifts you really don’t want or need.  Suggest a donation to charity instead! Ditto for children’s birthday parties. Most one-year-olds are as happy to play with a cardboard box as with the toy that came in it.
  10. A year of good deeds 
    If you’ve held a fundraiser and still haven’t put a dent in your charity’s needs, why not organize another…and another. Try a board games night or a Karaoke competition.

Setting up a series of events throughout the year offers friends, family, work colleagues and acquaintances a chance to participate. Even better, you raise the profile of your charity. And who knows? You just may inspire others to do their part.

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