10 characters you’ll meet at a playground build

1. The General

 The General, AKA the Foresters Financial™ Member Coordinator (or MC) is a community guru who has their finger on the pulse of the community’s needs. The General arrives on build day with an army of Foresters volunteers that they’ve rallied to help out. But instead of barking orders, this General will greet you with a smile, hand you a free t-shirt and ask you about your family – aw!

2. The Overly-Hyped Ringmaster

If this playground build was a circus, the KaBOOM! project manager would be the Ringmaster. The Ringmaster guides volunteers through each step of the build and keeps everyone on schedule. They might run a tight ship, but it’s a party boat. Warning – the Ringmaster’s energy and enthusiasm is highly contagious!  

3. The Grand Ambassador

 The Ambassador (read hero) is a community partner who is essentially the voice of their community. And that voice is loud! The Ambassador shouts from the rooftops about how much the playground is needed and about how special their community is. And all this chatter was heard loud and clear by Foresters Financial and KaBOOM! Hear that? It’s the sweet sound of teamwork!  

4. The Unicorn

 If you receive a name tag with a unicorn sticker on it that means you’ve been randomly assigned to team Unicorn! Your team’s challenge? Build the best trellis this park has ever seen. Your leader? Only the most enthusiastic Unicorn – i.e. KaBOOM! team leader – there ever was! And this Unicorn is going to guide you, young grasshopper, through every step (because they have the project instructions).

5. The Clumsy Carpenter

You don’t need any experience to volunteer at a playground build, but it’s possible we’ve made the projects too clear-cut because now Sally thinks she’s found her true calling – overzealous hammering. But that’s what build day can do to a person. Sure, her picnic table building skills are above average but you’ll still be nervous as you watch her whack away wildly with her trusty hammer.

6. The Safety Supervisor

Oh thank goodness! The Safety Supervisor is always onsite to keep the Sally’s in check and unharmed. Like a seasoned conductor, the Safety Supervisor directs the playground build assembly, placing each piece of equipment together in perfect harmony. And while he’s a cool dude, danger is definitely not his middle name. His razor sharp hawk eyes are always on the lookout – in the name of safety. 

7. That Guy who was just helping you…

Where’s Carl!? He was just here! You turned your back for a quick second to refill your mulch bag, and then suddenly your trusty partner was gone. And coincidentally, there seems to be a lot of extra “supervisors” on the planter bench team – very suspicious. This guy is always skirting his mulch responsibilities, but you’ll get the last laugh when your biceps are tank-top-ready by the end of the day. 

8. DJ

The onsite DJ is like that great feeling you get when your favorite song comes on the radio. Literally, it’s their job. He knows which tunes are going to get everyone’s feet tapping, hips shaking, shoulders bouncing, fingers snapping…you get the picture. Because even though everyone’s working hard, build day is a party!

9. The Food Crew

Arguably the unsung heroes of build day, the food crew swoops in just as you’re getting ‘hangry’. See, it wasn’t really the swirly slide’s complicated instructions that were making you cranky – you just needed some fuel in your belly. Now you’re ready to pick up that Allen key (those IKEA skills are finally coming in handy!) and put the final touches on your swirly slide!

10. VIPs you recognize from somewhere

You’re finally in the home stretch. It’s hot and your Foresters Financial volunteer t-shirt is covered in cement paste. As you stop to wipe a bead of sweat from your brow, suddenly the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. They’re here – you can sense it. The VIP’s have arrived! Whether it’s the mayor, a local politician, a community leader or a celebrity, it’s always nice to be given a heartfelt thank you for helping to build a stronger community.

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Jennifer Peckett

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