10 things you should bring to playground build day

Foresters Financial is hitting the road with Kaboom! to build 10 new playgrounds across the United States and Canada. Volunteering at a build is an unforgettable experience, so check to see if an event is coming to your area!

But before you leave for the event don’t forget to bring:

1. Pants you don’t care about

Maybe you spilled fruit punch on them five years ago or maybe your spouse has just always hated them. Either way, today’s the day to break out those camo-cargos for their final blaze of glory!

2. Extra sun block

We know you’ll remember to put on sun block, but will the guy working beside you? What started out as an innocent attempt to get “a little color” has accelerated into a man transforming into a human lobster. Help the poor guy out before someone covers him in butter sauce.

3. Sunglasses and a cool hat

After you’ve applied your SPF95, don’t forget to grab your shades and a sweet lid before you run out the door. Not only will they help keep you comfortable while you toil away in the sun, but sunglasses are also guaranteed to increase your coolness by a factor of 10.

4. Closed-toe shoes

Tomorrow it will be a playground, but today it’s a job site! So keep your feet safely under wraps. You never know when you might accidently stub your toe on a yet-to-be constructed piece of slide!

5. A tool belt

Tool belts are totally optional (and unnecessary) but if you’ve got one buried somewhere in your basement why not bring it along? Tool belts are known to inspire confidence on the job site and the other volunteers will instantly assume you know what you’re doing!

6. Secret handy skills

Did you build an awesome birdhouse in high school once upon a time? Were you a Lego whiz as a child? Playground build days have a knack for unlocking our hidden talents or the talents we just forgot we had. It’s time to use your superpowers!

7. Funky dance moves!

The playground DJ will be blasting beats all day so why not challenge a fellow builder to a dance-off? Gather everyone around to watch you whip and watch you Nae Nae. In case of emergency break out your Gangnam Style horsey-move from 2012!

8. Friends!

Remember all those Saturdays you spent helping your friends move? Well it’s time to call in those favors! The more volunteers, the faster the playground goes up! And what could be more fun than spending the day improving your community with your best buds?

9. Your best selfie smile

What’s the point of doing something awesome if it doesn’t make your online pals jealous? Snap some photos for your timeline and don’t forget to tag @Foresters on Facebook. We love seeing pics of volunteers making a difference in their community!

10. Community spirit!

How often do you get to make a significant improvement to your community in just one day? Soak in the spirit of this exciting event as you work side-by-side with other members of your community to create a fun and safe place to play!

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Eric Tyndale

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