budget friendly birthdays

Budget-friendly birthday party ideas

Would you like to plan the perfect day for your child, make them feel special and save some money? Planning a birthday party is no easy task, but here is a list of 10 birthday ideas that will save you time, money and make your child feel special.

  • Gather ‘round the dinner table

Save some money and get a good variety of food by organizing a potluck dinner party. Ask each parent to accompany their child in preparing a dish that they both love. These dishes can then be shared with all the other guests, saving you the hassle of cooking for all your guests! (Remember to ask about your guests’ food allergies and dietary restrictions beforehand)

  • Dance (and sing) the night away

Save the cost of renting a venue and turn on your lights with an LED colored light bulb. Create a playlist of songs that your children will love and have your own indoor dance party! Connect your music to a speaker owned by yourself or borrowed from a friend. You can even mix it up with some karaoke by using yours or a friend’s computer and connecting it to the speaker.

  • Explore the playground

Gathering the children at a playground with slides and swings will ensure that they can explore freely and keep themselves entertained. You might even be able to find a playground that offers splash pads and something more than just the standard slides and swings!

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  • Dress up as superheroes

Make your party all about your guests! Encourage your children’s friends to come dressed up as their favorite superhero/actor and make it a themed costume party! This can be hosted in your own home with minimal decorations as guest’s unique costumes will be the center of attention around the room.

  • Watch movies in the park

Warm weather usually means free movies in the park! If your child’s birthday falls in the spring and summer months, this might be a good option for you. Parks are the perfect place to relax, watch a movie and nibble on some light snacks.

  • Decorate cupcakes and cookies

Children love to decorate stuff, so why not have them decorate a cake that they can eat? Buy some sprinkles, pre-made icing and some sponge cakes or cookies that they can decorate. Not only will you save money (since you won’t need to buy a big cake), but you’ll also save on party activities.

  • Make simple crafts

Making crafts anywhere outside the comfort of your home can be a complicated task. Meanwhile, holding a craft party at home not only saves you the cost of a renting a venue, but you also keep the children distracted with an activity that they will love. Another plus is they get to keep the craft(s) that they make!

  • Play in the pool

Ask a friend if you can use the pool in their house or condominium if you don’t have one of your own and host a swimming party! You can have a few snacks and a cake after the kids are finished swimming. It might also be a good idea to make sure there are at least one or two supervising adults in the water to ensure safety. The children will have a great time playing in the water, and you’ll be happy that you saved so much time, effort and cost in birthday party planning.

  • Celebrate with a classmate

Children love sharing everything ‒ including their birthdays, so why not combine the celebration with another classmate? Planning a birthday is no easy task, but it might be easier if you can bounce ideas off another parent who is also planning their child’s birthday party. The costs will be split in half, but it will be double the fun.

  • Take advantage of your local community centre

If you’re looking for a less expensive venue, check out your local community or recreation centre. Many offer affordable rates and could provide a variety of themes. Plus, they will likely have a large area where the kids can burn off their sugar high after eating the cake. Visit your centre’s website for all of the details

You don’t have to spend a lot of money planning a birthday party to make it memorable. With these budget-friendly themes, you can save on the cost of hiring birthday entertainers and clowns while giving your child a birthday to cherish.

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