Coping with the bugs of summer

We may love the sun, sand, and the lazy feel that summer brings – but we hate the bugs! Learn how to prevent bites and take care of them if you do get bitten or stung.

How to have an energy-efficient summer

You may not think so, but summer actually provides ample opportunity to be energy efficient when entertaining. Consider these tips when you’re planning your next summer get-together!

A family of volunteers: Meet the Tardis

Not only do volunteer opportunities give families a way to bond over a common interest, children who experience volunteering as part of growing up are much more likely to volunteer as an adult. Learn how the Tardis give back as a family.
Scholarships 101

Scholarships 101: Tips for winning

Know someone who is hunting for a scholarship? Share these easy tips with them to help increase their chances of winning a scholarship.

It’s time to apply for a Foresters Scholarship

Does a student in your family love to volunteer? Make it pay off with one of 250 scholarships worth up to $8,000!
How to help

How to help instead of saying, “What can I do?”

Those words are well meaning and delivered with love and concern, but it’s not always the best thing to say to someone in a crisis situation.