How to start a relationship with a life insurance agent

Purchasing life insurance is one of the most important decisions you can make and working with a life insurance agent who has your best interests at heart, can be one of your most important relationships. Today’s consumers can go online and research life insurance options but everyone’s situation is unique and only a life insurance agent can take the  time to understand your personal circumstances and ensure you get the coverage you need.

Life insurance agents are qualified professionals who work with customers to choose the life insurance products and coverage that best meet their needs. They are licensed by their province to sell life insurance products and many have also achieved additional financial services designations such as Registered Financial Planner.  Some agents work for one life insurance provider while others are appointed to recommend products from multiple organizations.

Agents bring an in-person aspect to an often overwhelming process.  In their role, they meet with new and existing customers to collect information, research possible options, provide quotes, submit applications and deliver policies. When customers make a claim, advisors help them to file the paperwork.

Benefits of working with an agent
An agent’s primary role is to help you select the life insurance coverage that’s right for you and your family. You should end the purchasing journey confident that you made the right choice and knowing you have formed a trusted relationship with a professional who cares about you. Some benefits of working with an agent are:

Personalized service – Your agent will meet with you to truly understand your needs, your family dynamic, your financial situation, future goals and anything else that might have an impact on your life insurance options. After analyzing this information and researching options, he will present you with a solution and explain why he believes it is best for you.

Help with paperwork – Life insurance applications are long and detailed but your agent can answer your questions, help ensure it is completed accurately and ensure that nothing is missing and the life insurance provider has everything they need to review the application and determine coverage.

Ongoing support – As your life changes, your life insurance needs may also change.  Milestones like marriage, the birth of your first child, paying off your mortgage, etc. are all times when you can ask your agent to re-evaluate your needs and suggest new products or changes to existing products, such as riders.

Getting to know your agent
If you’re considering life insurance, an agent will be happy to meet with you to discuss your needs at no cost. This initial meeting is a good opportunity for you to share your long-term financial goals and for the agent to ask questions so she can understand your unique circumstances.

You can prepare for the meeting by compiling a snapshot of your financial situation including registered savings products, postsecondary plans for children, salaries, and details of any other life insurance coverage you currently have, such as a group policy through your employer.

Your agent is there to help you protect your family’s financial future and the more information you share, the better equipped he is to provide the right solution. Don’t be afraid to be honest about your health and even if you are skeptical or unsure of the need for life insurance, be up-front about that.

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