Scholarship success: Curtain calling for Adam Corrigan Holowitz

Most teens spend their time playing video games, hanging out with their friends or babysitting the terror twins up the street to make a few extra bucks. Very few have already found their passion – for most of us, it takes a lifetime to figure it out. But Foresters Competitive Scholarship winner, Adam Corrigan Holowitz, was called to the stage at an early age.

Adam is a theatre actor and director, with a wealth of experience already under his belt. He began directing adults at just 13 years old, and today, he runs the AlvegoRoot Theater group in London, Ontario, which specializes in producing plays about London and the surrounding area. “We tell stories from down the street,” he says.

Adam was first introduced to the magic of the theater at three years old by his father who was composing the score for a production of The Wind in the Willows at the Grand Theatre in London, Ontario. He fondly recalls accompanying his dad to rehearsals, where he got a behind-the-scenes peak at how these stories were brought to life.

“I was fascinated by how on the same stage the next month, there would be an entirely new set. A new world would inhabit the same stage.” says Adam. “Then, over time, I started to appreciate other elements of the production – the ideas, the visions and the stories”.

Adam’s upbringing set the stage for his love of theater. In addition to his father’s influence, his mother is an Anglican minister, which Adam describes as a form of theater in and of itself.

“As a minister, you have to understand text, people and what a community is,” he says. “The way I build an audience is similar to the way my mother builds her congregation. I try to learn the name of everyone who comes out to our plays. It’s important to communicate the need for them to be there and that they’re missed when they can’t attend.”

And for those who can’t make it out to a production, Adam brings the theatre to them. The AlvegoRoot ensemble gives back to the community by bringing special performances to senior homes, an audience that has a thirst to be entertained but often has difficulty making it out to a show.

In return, Adam is frequently inspired by this audience. “We get amazing stories by hearing about experiences directly from the people rather than historians,” he says. “A writer doesn’t make up their own stories, they’re handed to them; creativity comes from listening.”

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Jennifer Peckett

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