Looking back at 2021 and ahead to the future

Nicole Gourley, Global Chief Membership Officer Foresters Financial.

Nicole Gourley, our Global Chief Membership Officer, reflects on how Foresters members made the most of 2021 and what’s to come in the future.

I’d like to begin by wishing all of you and your families a prosperous and Happy New Year.

In 2021, we reflected on the many challenges and changes brought on by events in 2020 and strived to move forward with innovative minds and passion for our purpose in our hearts. As we continued to navigate the pandemic, the support of our members and employees combined with their determination to make a difference in their communities, provided Foresters with boundless strength and resiliency. It motivated us to stretch the capabilities of our membership even further by introducing new member benefits that go above and beyond for our members.

MemberDeals, Foresters GoTM and our Foresters CareTM grant were all launched last year, built around well-being as the key driver and basis for these benefits.  

MemberDeals, allows our members to enjoy quality time with loved ones, participate in new experiences and access amazing savings on everyday purchases through special offers, with peace of mind.

Our Foresters Go app, currently available for members in Canada and the US, promotes healthy living and well-being. By making healthy decisions and lifestyle choices, and engaging in fun and motivational challenges, members can earn Rewards Points for reaching their health and fitness goals. Foresters Go will become available this year for our UK members!

Foresters Care, is a new grant that enables members to support communities, individuals’, and organizations in need. With even the simplest initiative, members can quickly act and make a lasting impact.  

Last year we began our journey to fight against climate change. Our Growing a Better Future program has allowed our members to launch green initiatives like community gardens and pollinator-friendly spaces. We’re ensuring members are given opportunities to learn more about climate change through educational experiences such as nature walks and access to informational webinars.

It’s such a proud moment for me when I see the impact our members, member leaders and employees have on their communities and what drives them to continue making a difference. These are just a few of the many devoted and generous individuals at Foresters who contributed to their communities in 2021.

Ann Lamb, UK

Ann used her Foresters Care grant to purchase chocolates, biscuits, and puzzle books for the staff and patients of the NHS (National Health Service) at Ward 5 of The Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Undreka Spearman, US

With the help of Foresters, Undreka was able to give out over 100 backpacks of school supplies in her local community.

Growing a Better Future

Foresters employees visited Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto, where they were divided into teams to help plant an on-site garden. The garden helped provide nutritious food and supported pollinating insects in the area; just the first of many steps towards a greener future.

Watching our Foresters stories unfold and seeing the impact they created has provided me with reassurance and a feeling of renewed optimism and hope for 2022. We will further grow our membership by providing unique benefits to enhance the well-being of our members and employees, so they can continue giving back to their communities and help build a sustainable future.

Foresters will remain true and committed to our purpose. As 2021 comes to a close, we welcome the exciting prospects brought on by 2022. I wish you and your families all of the best in the year ahead and appreciate your ongoing contributions to Foresters and the communities you so graciously serve.

Thank you.

Nicole Gourley, Global Chief Membership Officer

Foresters FinancialTM

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