Debbie Trevino

Doing more! Stealing the focus back from the thieves

Debra Trevino has always believed in the importance of life insurance, but never anticipated that protecting her family could also open the door to helping others and connecting with her community.

Her involvement with Foresters has grown over the years. “A friend told me about Foresters, and when I looked into it I really loved their member benefits,” says Debra. “Once I became a member, I was encouraged to get involved in Foresters governance process. With three young kids, I didn’t have a lot of time to commit, so I started off small and worked my way up and now I’m a Council Vice President.

Debra has helped to bring Foresters values to her new community by organizing activities through Foresters Community Grants program. She has organized fun family events like movie nights and amusement parks where Foresters members can spend quality family time together, as well as volunteer activities like assembling care kits and school backpacks.

When Debbie moved to Corpus Christie, Texas, she wanted to organize a volunteer activity but was unfamiliar with local organizations that might need help. “One day, I saw on the news that an organization called CASA, which helps find permanent homes for foster children, was burglarized and had their supplies stolen, and that was my inspiration,” said Debra. She immediately reached out to CASA and offered to help by assembling Foresters volunteers to create care kits that would replace the lost items. Debra has continued to support CASA for nearly two years, and they’re grateful to receive the help and donations.

“I like to support small, local organizations that do important work but don’t necessarily receive large donations, grants or public funding,” says Debra. “It’s so exciting to approach these organizations to initiate the event, because even though it’s not my money, if I didn’t organize the activity through Foresters Community Grants, they wouldn’t get the help”.

These activities have not only helped families in need and Foresters members, they’ve also benefited Debra. “It’s an amazing feeling, knowing that you’ve helped and made a difference” she says. “Not only do I get to help others, but at Foresters events I really feel a sense of community and can connect with lots of other members which is great, especially when you’re starting off in a new city and don’t know many people.”

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