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OneWalk for cancer research: Joining together makes a big impact

Is it fair to say that cancer affects everyone? Cancer not only affects the person diagnosed with the disease; it affects the lives of the people who surround them too. The statistics are frightening!

The good news is that many cancer researchers and organizations are finding innovative new ways to help detect cancers earlier and provide support for patients and their families. A good example of this is the OneWalk to Conquer Cancer event hosted by The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto.

OneWalk is an annual fundraising event that’s led to some incredible advances in cancer research and care. We recently spoke with Dianne Fox, Chief Operating Officer for North American Life Insurance and Annuity unit at Foresters Financial, about her experience as being a Platinum Ambassador, Honorary Chair and Team Captain of the Foresters Financial OneWalk team.

 Q: Why did you join the OneWalk event?

Dianne: It starts with our Purpose. Foresters is a purpose-driven organization. This is one way that employees can come together and live our purpose and make a meaningful impact to our community.

Q: How much money did you raise?

Dianne: I recall reflecting on our campaign shortly after it kicked off wondering how on earth we would ever raise enough money to hit our very ambitious target of $100,000 – I’m sure many of us thought the same! We raised over $105,000 which is a new record for Team Foresters, and we still have money coming in (Our team was also the top fundraiser in the financial services category).

Q: What was the most valuable part of joining this fundraising event?

Dianne: [The event has] really created a common bond for us all. We’ve done so many fundraising activities and the team has really come together. It’s been so inspiring just to watch everyone come together.

Q: What do you have to say to your team?

Dianne: I hope everyone takes great pride in achieving this amazing accomplishment and the contributions we have made to help conquer cancer. Our team truly went above and beyond and rocked it!

Q: Anybody you’d like to thank?

Dianne: A special thank you to our fundraising committee and all our walkers who challenged themselves to walk 15, 25, 40 and 55 kilometres, alongside the many survivors who have benefited from the medical advances made through donations like ours. I hope all your blisters have healed and that you found the event as rewarding as I did!

Q: What would you say to others to encourage them to get involved?

Dianne: The success of this year’s campaign serves as a reminder that all those little things like selling samosas, having bake sales and simply asking for support through donations absolutely does add up to something big. I would encourage everyone to get involved and donate to OneWalk (or any other cause that is meaningful to them)

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