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Looking back at 2021 and ahead to the future

Our Global Chief Membership Officer, Nicole Gourley, reflects on 2021 and the future at Foresters
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Understanding the Language of Life Insurance

Understanding the language of life insurance
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Walk off your worries

Step your way to better well-being
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It’s in you to give: save lives with a blood donation

Become a donor during National Blood Donor Month
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Get to know your Foresters Member Benefits

There’s a lot your benefits can do for you and your community!

Low intensity MET exercises

There is a great deal of information both online and in fitness magazines about the health benefits of high intensity exercises, with little regard for low intensity activities. Find out the health benefits of low intensity exercises in this second post on MET (metabolic equivalent of Task). The dacadoo energy models are based on MET which measures the intensity of a physical activity.

3 best ways to stretch at your desk

Most of nowadays working time consists in a bunch of sitting-at-your-desk actions. Replying to emails, writing and editing documents, filling-out forms and spreadsheets with numbers. But there’s more: when home, after your deserved meal, you’ll probably be sitting on your (beloved) couch to watch a new episode of your favourite TV series.

Want to increase your fitness this year?

Want to increase your fitness this year? Before you go and spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars, euros, pounds or francs on a gym membership consider the following: Try walking, jogging, or running. They're easy to do at any time of day, you don't have to go far to do it and it's inexpensive. Try it, and measure your progress with QUENTIQ to stay motivated and encourage your friends to get active too.