Quality time with family

Quality time with a side of fun

The words “quality time” are widely recognized and understood. Yet the fascinating thing is, when you ask people what it means to them, their responses can vary widely. A few Foresters employees shared their definition of quality time with us. Needless to say, no two answers were the same, but the theme of enriching relationships with the closest people in their lives came through loud and clear.

Elyssa Robillard and her husband have two kids; age six and eight years old. As Elyssa honestly explains, “[my kids] are at an age where they want to hang out more with their friends than with their family.” Nevertheless, she says, “I also like it when the four of us have time together.”

Quality time for the Robillards often happens at home. “We try to do family games night or family movie night once a week”, says Elyssa. “Movie and games night are a good way to all be in one room together…we’ll come and sit on the couch together.” And when they’re not watching a movie or playing a game together, quality time can be found at dinner. “We have some great conversations [at the dinner table]”, says Elyssa.

All told, Elyssa points out that quality time doesn’t just happen:

“You have to make an effort and carve it out.” — Elyssa

Suhana Solastro and her family enjoy being outdoors together. “We love going for hikes around the city and discovering new ravines or parks. Also, lots of visits to petting farms since my daughter loves animals!”

“Anything that involves good food and good company [is quality time]” — Suhana

For Mike Chin, quality time simply means being together; “ultimately, quality time is anything that you think is positive.” With that said, he reasons that really engaging settings are the highest form of quality time.

“These are the times where you can engage on a conversational level, listen to one another and build stronger relationships” — Mike

Mike feels that there’s something particularly special about quality time with family. Family time, is “one of the few environments where you can be your genuine selves. You’ve grown up with them.”

Sometimes quality time means getting away from it all. That’s certainly the case for Liam Kinnon. “My wife and I love to travel. We spend pretty much all our vacation time visiting other places”, he says. Travelling together helps them to strengthen their bond with one another.

“[Travelling together] is where we can connect the most. Spending time together, being able to talk and have adventures.” — Liam

Special thanks to Elyssa, Suhana, Mike and Liam for sharing their thoughts with us:

  • Elyssa Robillard , Manager of Member Marketing
  • Suhana Solastro, Member Marketing Specialist
  • Michael Chin, Corporate Designer
  • Liam Kinnon, Integrated Marketing Specialist

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