“That time when” – Our 10 favorite playground build pics

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Foresters Financial™ partnership with KaBOOM! we’re counting down the 10 playground build moments that all of our amazing volunteers can relate to!

10. That time when – You powered through the morning warm-up even though you were still half asleep.

9. That time when – You realized just how much freakin’ mulch it takes to fill an entire play area.

8. That time when – You had to look at the instructions for fifteen minutes before you finally figured out the problem.

7. That time when – Your friend’s hammering made you really nervous but you still held the board for them anyway. Watch your fingers!

6. That time when – You and your playground crew were looking perfectly on point.

5. That time when – You thought you were going to be trapped forever in a piece of playground equipment.

4. That time when – You were completely and utterly in the zone.

3. That time when – You realized just how many people it takes to drop a swing set into the exact right spot.

2. That time when – You formed an incredibly strong bond with people who were strangers to you that morning.

1. That time when – You marveled at what your community accomplished in just one day by working together!

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