Volunteer Spotlight: Shawn Lorenzen

It’s always an honor to profile dedicated people who are passionate about serving those in need. We recently spoke with Shawn Lorenzen, Senior Financial Services Representative at Foresters Financial Services, about her personal volunteering experiences.

Do you ever think about going above and beyond to help your community? Read more about Shawn’s story below.

What does volunteering mean to you?

Shawn: Helping others.  We volunteer in many capacities, and the Foresters Community Grants Program gives me the opportunity to help those in our community who are less fortunate.

How has volunteering impacted your life?

Shawn: Volunteering has helped teach my nieces and nephews that there are many, many, many individuals who don’t have the basic needs of life, let alone the luxuries that we sometimes take for granted.  [My volunteering activities with Foresters and other Foresters members] has brought joy to many local organizations and charities in Omaha, Nebraska.  It has given Foresters members the opportunity to help others.

What motivates you to volunteer?

Shawn: Knowing that a little time and effort from all of us can make such an impact in our town, our country, and our world.

What have you learned from your various volunteering experiences?

Shawn: I have learned not to take anything for granted in life, and to share the blessings that I have been given with others.

How often do you volunteer? Where do you volunteer most often?

Shawn: I volunteer most often through the Foresters Community Grants Program.  Whether I’m the organizer of the grant or a participant in stuffing the care packages, at least once a month I strive to make an impact.

Is there a cause that you’re particularly passionate about?

Shawn: [I’m passionate about helping] kids who are hungry, kids who don’t have the necessary supplies to learn, kids who don’t have clothes and shoes to go to school. Imagine what great leaders they would be if they just had the tools and food to sustain the energy to learn?  Backpacks, weekend food bags, school pantries, winter clothing, hygiene, shoes …the list is endless of the things that the kids (in my town, and probably in your town) need!

What was one of the most meaningful volunteer experiences you’ve had?

Shawn: Delivering hats, mittens, socks, boots and coats to a women’s shelter.  The ladies lived there after getting out of an abusive relationship and were forced on the streets.  Their entire life was in a black trash bag.  The delight on their faces when they received winter wear was incredible!  They usually receive used items so getting something brand new was very special to them.  It puts things into perspective in our own lives when we help others.

What tips would you give others to encourage them to volunteer?

Shawn: Together, we can make a difference!  Find something you care about and give an hour of your time.  Try something new, help someone who needs it.  Do it with a smile!  🙂


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