How to save £20 (or more) every week

Family playing a game of cards
Family playing a game of cards

It doesn’t take much to spend £20. Especially during a busy week when you’ve got other things on your mind, £20 can disappear faster than you realise. The good news is saving or bringing in an extra £20 (or more) weekly is easy with some practice. Here are some helpful ways to get started.

Saving £20 a week

  1. Take out? Maybe not.
    Whether you’re ordering in, heading to a restaurant or grabbing fast food once a week, you could spend close to £30 or more. Instead of going with takeout, head to the supermarket and get a few ingredients to make your favourite home-cooked meal. For even as little as £10, you can have a delicious meal at home. ‘For even as little as £5 you can have a delicious meal at home, Sainsburys have you covered if you need some inspiration.
  2. It doesn’t have to mean the end of your social life.
    You don’t need to head to the movies or socialise at your local café every week when you want to enjoy some time with friends and family. You could spend quality time with your loved ones at home and save the price of a movie ticket or a coffee and dessert. Host a classic movie or board game night at your place and invite people over to enjoy the fun. You can make these at-home get-togethers a regular weekly event and have everyone bring snacks and drinks. You’ll save more than £20 by skipping the night out while still having a great time at home.
  3. Online impulse buys are a no-go.
    If you struggle with impulse shopping, give yourself a waiting period before you purchase something you see online – this could be a single day or more if you need the extra time. Use this waiting period to reassess if you need whatever has caught your eye and consider whether it fits your current budget. Real Simple has a great list of ways to help you overcome your impulse shopping habit if you need a little help.
  4. Have you reviewed your subscriptions?
    Subscription-based services are incredibly convenient, but their costs can add up over time, especially if you sign up for multiple at once. Before you know it, you’re spending close to an extra £100 a month. Take a hard look at what subscriptions you have, whether it’s entertainment, food or anything in between, and see what is worth keeping and what isn’t. Cutting out two or more services can help you save £20 or more each week.

Earning an extra £20 a week

  1. Declutter your space and start selling.
    Is your home full of unneeded furniture, equipment, tech or toys? Gather up everything you don’t need and sell them online or through a garage sale. If you decide to sell online, platforms like Facebook Marketplace are great ways to sell everyday things that others locally can use. Plus, instead of throwing things away, you’ll be recycling and extending the life of your products! If you’ve never used Facebook Marketplace before, Facebook has a helpful article on their help centre that can get you up to speed.
  2. Pocket your change and watch it grow.
    It’s incredible what a simple jar in your home can do for your spare change. A change jar is an easy way to save extra funds each day that grow without you even having to think about it. Every time you come across a couple of bucks here and there, add it to the jar and watch it grow over time. You can up this to larger amounts as well. So, the next time you get £10 or £20 back in change, add them to the jar and watch your savings grow faster.
  3. Own a car? Or a bike? Start a side gig.
    There are plenty of side job options available if you have a form of transportation accessible to you. Options like Uber Eats and Deliveroo, to name a few, are great ways to earn more each week while working around your schedule. If you can fit in a couple of hours a day or night a week, you can still make much more than £20 through pickups, drop-offs and tips! Check to see what kind of food delivery companies are available in your area and apply for whichever piques your interest.

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