Your summer of well-being: how to stay on track

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Summer can be a glorious time with its warm weather, family holidays and chill vibes. But sometimes the very things that we love about the season are the reason we might struggle to maintain healthy habits we’ve built throughout the year.

It might be too hot and muggy to go for a run, or packing for a family holiday  means a trip to the drive-through instead of a healthy homecooked meal, or a late night with friends has you short on sleep. Changes in routine, hot weather and holidays can threaten to derail what we’ve worked hard to achieve—but they don’t have to!

Staying on track

It’s perfectly fine to indulge in a burger or two every now and then, lose a bit of sleep if it means connecting with special friends, or opt to stay indoors when the air outside is heavy with humidity and pollen.

But when you feel yourself slipping more than you’re comfortable with, try these tips and tricks to stay on track.

  • As much as possible, keep a regular bedtime, even when you’re on holiday. Your body is used to a schedule, and maintaining the timing of your internal clock as much as possible can help you fall asleep and wake up more easily.1 Make sure you’re not sabotaging your sleep by doing things that can interfere with your ability to get a good night’s rest.
  • Walking has so many benefits. It’s a great way to reduce stress and it may also help you maintain a healthy weight, prevent or manage various health conditions, strengthen your bones and muscles, improve your mood and improve your balance and coordination. So if it’s too hot to walk outside, just walk indoors instead. Hit the gym and jump on a treadmill or visit your local shopping center and do laps around the floors. You could even simply march in place while watching TV—every little bit of movement counts!
  • If looking after kids or grandkids means you can’t fit in a visit to the gym or do your regular workout, look for other ways to move your body. Mow the lawn, go for a nature hike, visit your local swimming bars or play active summer games with your kids outside.
  • Take advantage of the local fruits and vegetables as they come into season. Fast food is tempting, but a toasted tomato sandwich made with tomatoes fresh from the farmers’ market is about as fast—and as delicious—as you can get! These 55 summer farmers’ market recipes will tempt even the pickiest eater. Plus, buying local is great for the environment and for local farms and businesses.
  • If you’re taking a break from work, use some of that time to look after yourself by scheduling medical appointments. Get your eyes checked if you’re due, make sure you’re up to date on your vaccinations and find out if you’re due for any medical screenings based on your age, history and family background. It could be time for a colonoscopy, for instance, and it’s much easier to prep for that procedure when you have some time off.

Foresters Financial members can track their healthy habits and get rewarded for making good choices and giving back in their communities all year long with Foresters Go. It’s so much more than just a wellness app! It’s a fun, flexible and convenient way to stay active, make healthier food choices and make a difference in your world.

Have a safe, happy and healthy summer!




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