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Food tips, myths and facts

Great foods for your heart

Your heart needs certain foods to help it function at its best for as long as possible. Taking care to eat foods that look...

The hot drinks that are best for your health

When you wake up in the morning, the first thing on your mind is likely to be about getting a much-needed caffeine boost in...

How much protein should you be eating?

When the topic of nutrition comes up - especially for people who regularly exercise - the conversation will inevitably focus on protein. We're always...

Coconut, olive or avocado: Which oils are healthiest for you?

The different options we have when shopping for cooking oil have expanded recently. Where previously you could basically pick from olive, sunflower or vegetable,...

Why a low-fat diet may be bad for you

Although many people believe reducing fat intake is the best way towards a healthy lifestyle, new evidence suggests that cutting out such foods could...

5 reasons you should be eating more sweet corn

When it comes to delicious, healthy and versatile ingredients, sweet corn should be top of your list. While the vegetable has had a number...

What cooking methods can make your food healthy?

While the ingredients you use to create a meal will impact the number of calories it contains, they can only go so far in...
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Are you making these food mistakes?

Even the healthiest eater can make a mistake every now and then that could mean they aren't getting the most out of food. Whether...