Getting together can do wonders for your family’s well-being

A boy jumping towards a man
A boy jumping towards a man

It’s always a great idea to set aside time with our spouses, children, parents and other family members during our busy weeks. By doing more together, we can improve our familial relationships, better cope with stress, improve self-esteem and develop healthier habits.1 Here’s a list of everyday activities you can do together with your loved ones that will go a long way towards improving their physical and mental well-being.

Share more healthy meals together

Families don’t always get to eat together during their daily lives. Obligations like school, work and outings with friends can get in the way of eating right and being together as a family. A survey conducted by the American Heart Association showed that families who shared more meals together reported being less stressed and hoped to continue sharing meals with their loved ones.2

To start making mealtime more of a family affair, you have to make a habit of it. Begin by picking a meal that is easy for everyone in your household to attend. For most, this is either breakfast or dinnertime. Pick a meal and start with one day of the week when everyone should gather to eat together. You can make something simple like toast and yogurt for breakfast or burgers for dinner, and once it becomes more of a habit, incorporate healthier options.

Exercise and connect with nature together

It’s no surprise that getting active and being in nature can make a positive difference in your life. But when you include your loved ones in the act, you boost everyone’s well-being while having fun. When it comes to exercise, you and your family can do plenty of activities together.

Start by doing simple chores around the house as a family, then move to projects outside for some fresh air. If chores don’t sound too fun (we don’t blame you for feeling that way), get together for a bike ride, walk around the neighborhood or a game of catch at your local park.

Family time spent exercising and taking in nature can lead to improved self-esteem, lower stress, boosted energy levels, better sleep and more.3 This time together also helps parents instill healthy habits into their children and can give kids another reason to see their parents as positive role models.

Volunteering and giving back together

Nothing brings a family together like helping others in need. Gather your loved ones around a planned volunteer effort once a month to start. This monthly activity could be kicking off a food drive, donating gently used clothing, building urban gardens around your community or simply spending time with elderly neighbors.

Giving back is also proven to benefit health and well-being by boosting moods and helping to fight depression.4 Volunteering is also a great way to instill a sense of purpose in children and teenagers while teaching them lifelong skills like interpersonal communication, problem-solving, leadership and time management.

Making memories together

As a Foresters member, you have access to a helpful benefit that gives you more opportunities to get together with the people who matter most to you. Foresters Moments™ gives you funds to get together with family, friends and other members and reconnect over different activities in your community!

There are five categories to choose from when planning your Foresters Moments activity. They range from sustainability activities where you give back to our environment to health and wellness outings and fun family nights. Learn more about Foresters Moments on MyForesters now and start planning your activity!

Join a Foresters Moments activity near you!

Are you not feeling ready to organize your own Foresters Moment activity yet? No problem! You can browse a list of planned get-togethers to join in your community. Here’s how:

  1. Log into MyForesters, and click “Get started” on the Foresters Moments page.
  2. Click “Search for an opportunity” to browse open activities near you.
  3. Select the activity that interests you.
  4. Click “Sign up”.
  5. Show up on the day and have fun!







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