Getting started with Foresters Care

Two women planting kale
Two women planting kale

Foresters members can tap into a $200 Foresters Care™ grant twice yearly to give back to the communities and causes they love. The best part of this grant is that it has a quick and easy application, so you can start spreading some care without anything getting in the way. Let’s dive into how you can apply now!

How to apply by starting on

Step 1: From the homepage, click “Member benefits” in the top navigation menu, then select “Foresters Care” from the list of benefits.

Step 2: When you’re on the Foresters Care page, click “Log in at MyForesters” to enter your MyForesters username and password.

Step 3: Next, you’ll be on the Foresters Care benefit page on MyForesters. Click on “Get started” to go to the application site.

Step 4: Click “Featured” in the top navigation bar, then “Foresters Care” and then on “Apply now” to launch your application.

Step 5: Select “Start new application” to answer a few eligibility questions. If you are eligible, you can continue on to your grant application.

Step 6: Select your currency (CAD, USD or GBP), how you’d like to receive your funds and choose the type of activity category from a list.

Step 7: Finally, let us know if you’re helping a community partner or someone directly, and provide more details about your activity. Click “Submit” to finalize everything.

That’s all you need to do to send in your application! Once your application is approved, you’ll receive an email from the Grants team letting you know your funds are on the way.

Real member activities

Do you need a little inspiration before you start deciding on how you want to help? Here are a few examples of Foresters members using their Foresters Care grants to do some good in their communities.

  • Supporting firefighters. One member in Canada used their funds to bring water and blankets to a crew fighting wildfires in northern Alberta.
  • Supplies for hurricane season. In the US, a member purchased supplies to make hurricane kits and gave them to a local school for future hurricane seasons.
  • Helping to feed seniors. A member in the US used their funds to purchase food for a local food pantry that delivers to seniors struggling to make ends meet.
  • Creating a pollinator garden. In the UK, a member used their grant funds to plant a pollinator garden at a local school. The activity also provided lessons on sustainability and the importance of bees for the school’s children.
  • Toys for children during the holidays. A member in the US wanted to ensure less fortunate children could enjoy the holidays. So, they decided to use their funds to purchase toys and other gifts that would be wrapped and given to the children in their community.

Discover our Foresters Care resources

On MyForesters, you can find downloadable resources, like Foresters Care guidelines that must be adhered to, FAQs and toolkits that provide printable name badges, stickers and other items that can set the stage for your activity.

You can also find plenty of application examples that take you through the different steps of the application, ensuring you are always on the right track when you apply. If you still have questions after exploring these examples, contact the Grants Team at

Get your granting journey started

We hope you’re more ready to dive into Foresters Care and give back in your own way. Tap into a $200 Foresters Care grant now and fill a need in the community you call home today!


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