Are you really ready for a world of AI?

A woman wearing headphones and looking at a tablet
A woman wearing headphones and looking at a tablet

By now, we’ve all probably experimented with AI by creating weird and wonderful images that often look incredibly real (if you don’t count the extra thumbs, alien limbs and other odd errors that AI routinely makes).

But what about AI’s creep into our work lives? Are we really ready for what the increasing presence of AI in the workplace means for us going forward? Is there anything we can do to adapt to this new reality and make sure we still have a place in it?

Living in a brave new world

Adaptability will be key as we head into uncharted waters where “thinking machines” are becoming commonplace and changing the workplace landscape.

Perhaps the biggest concern people have is whether or not AI will replace humans by doing tasks once thought to be something only humans could do. But, according to a recent study, just 30% of tasks in about 60% of jobs hold the potential for automation.1

Still, you can’t rest on your laurels. It’s important to make sure that you understand AI’s benefits and limitations so you can show how much you are still needed—and to demonstrate that AI merely enhances the incredible job you already do.

The best way to do that is to stay informed.

Educate yourself

Continue to learn about AI as it develops so you can adjust your course to maintain your own relevance and position in your organization. In the meantime, try to figure out how you can use AI to your benefit by, for example, breaking down language barriers and making it easier to communicate with others.

You might also consider developing new skills to offset any lost to AI. Or even exploring a whole new career path you’ve always been curious about.

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The bottom line

Remember, AI isn’t human. It’s simply programmed to perform a task. Unlike you, it has no empathy for others, no ability to connect on a personal, human level and absolutely no emotional intelligence.

But you do. You’ll outshine the machine every time by continuing to focus on developing human relationships and your capacity to empathize.

Because emotional intelligence is something AI will never master.

It really is only as smart as we are. We still hold all the cards, and the human spirit of creativity and imagination is just that—uniquely human. AI might provide inspiration, but humans will take it across the finish line every time.




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