Mental health resources that make a difference at Foresters

Kim Tylka
Kim Tylka

Kim is a Senior Training and Development Specialist at Foresters, and she, like many people, has battled mental health challenges. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Kim’s mental health declined. Everything from the stresses of caring for kids while working at home to missing family members contributed to her mental health struggles. But thankfully, Kim had both the support of her coworkers and leaders alongside a wealth of mental health resources offered to employees by Foresters to help her.

A supportive team always at your back

For Kim, being at Foresters has been the driving force to inspire her to look after her mental health. “I’ve been surrounded by coworkers in the virtual world who make our meetings fun and are always up for a quick chat about life,” says Kim when asked about the people she has worked with over the last few years.

Along with great colleagues, Kim tapped into Foresters mental health resources like webinars, meditation classes and more. These resources are available month-to-month and offer different opportunities to destress and learn new skills for managing mental health. For many employees, these resources have become a regular part of their week, giving them the perfect way to start or end their days.

Kim is one of these Foresters employees who has fully embraced these amazing resources, saying, “I began the mindful rest meditation sessions in 2020, and still have them as a priority in my Monday morning work schedule.”

Our goal is to continue to support these offerings and make them a part of our employees’ days as they go forward if they choose to use them. Nothing makes us feel more grateful than when we hear that these resources become a regular part of an employee’s day.

Passing on the importance of mental health

Prioritizing mental health will always be important at Foresters. But we know we’re doing a good job when we hear how employees pass on positive mental health practices to family members and coworkers.  When asked about the importance of mental health, Kim says, “I often tell my kids that we all need tools to help us be our best selves and that making mental health a priority is nothing to be ashamed of.”

The resources here at Foresters

Through Foresters Total Rewards offering, employees have access to programs that are intended to support holistic wellbeing – mental, physical, social and financial. This includes:

  • Access to financial advisors at no charge to assist with employees’ financial planning needs,
  • Benefits plans that provide employees with competitive coverage, including mental health support, counseling and a wellbeing account, and
  • Access to a wealth of online courses and gatherings scheduled throughout every month with topics that align with employees’ interests.

Join an organization that looks out for you

At Foresters, our employees’ well-being is one of our top priorities. That’s why we give them as many helpful mental health resources as possible to support our employees’ self-care.

We’re a team with many backgrounds and beliefs, all working together to do real meaningful work. We are always on the lookout for talented and passionate individuals to join Foresters and grow in their careers. Learn more about our current openings here at Foresters on our careers page now!


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