The little things that brought a former employee back to Foresters

Miguel Nunes
Miguel Nunes

Miguel is the Team Lead of Insurance Operations at Foresters, who recently returned to our organization after briefly leaving for a different role. At the time leading up to his departure, Miguel wasn’t looking for a new role. But he was given a new opportunity that seemed to be the best choice at the time.

“While I was content and happy in my role at Foresters, I took the time to consider the new offer. It was not an easy decision to make. But I felt it was an offer I really couldn’t turn down,” said Miguel.

But when he started in his new role, the difference between the organizations were immediately noticeable. For Miguel, Foresters had so much more to offer. When asked about these differences, Miguel said, “While the other company offered more vacation time, it was almost impossible to book when I needed to be off for family events. There was a definite difference in work-life balance and as a father, this is very important to me.”

What set Foresters apart for Miguel

There were three main reasons why Miguel decided to come back to Foresters after five months in his new role. These three differences helped Miguel see that Foresters worked better for his family’s needs.

The first aspect Miguel missed most at Foresters was our open-door policy. Here, our employees can interact with anyone at any level when they need guidance or support. Miguel’s new company, unfortunately, didn’t share the same views on employee interactions.

Next, was the company’s hybrid work model. Although it did have one, it wasn’t as flexible as the one at Foresters. Here, most departments offer a hybrid option, while other still need to be onsite for their roles. Some of these departments provide different schedules for when employees work remotely and when they have in-office days. But the flexibility in those schedules gives more employees the freedom to stay home and work there for a better work-life balance.

But what Miguel missed the most from his time here was Foresters Purpose. At Foresters, our employees can help other people, both in our organization and in their communities. We support our employees’ goals to give back and help them organize meaningful events in the places they care about most, and in the end, that’s been Miguel’s most positive and memorable experience at Foresters.

“Ultimately, my role at Foresters was a better fit for my life. I am very pleased to return and thankful for the opportunity to be back at Foresters, where I truly belong.”

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