Making a difference, thanks to you!

A group of volunteers taking a selfie
A group of volunteers taking a selfie

As a purpose-driven organization, Foresters Financial™ exists to enrich the well-being of families and communities. We invest time and money in ways we can work together to make a difference, including neighborhood programs, charities, and scholarships.

But it’s our members who truly lead the charge!

During National Volunteer Month, we want to highlight some of the incredible activities our dedicated members organize and participate in throughout the year and share more ways you can get involved and change the lives of those around you this month and all year long.

Be the change

Foresters Community Volunteer grants allow members to get involved in their communities through meaningful volunteer activities that change the lives of those participating and those who are the recipients of thoughtful acts of kindness.

Community Volunteer grants help members support not-for-profit organizations or registered charities with activities such as:

  • Organizing a clothing drive for a local shelter
  • Replenishing libraries
  • Donating to food banks or community kitchens
  • Organizing a first aid kit drive
  • Arranging a back-to-school supply drive

If they see an immediate need, a Foresters Care™ grant helps members take action quickly with a $200 grant that can make a difference right away.

Make a clean sweep!

In fact, to help celebrate Earth Day 2023, we have launched The Great Community Cleanup Challenge that encourages members to use a Foresters Care™ grant to make a positive impact on the environment and in their communities this month.

The goal is to use the full grant amount to purchase supplies* (such as rakes, tongs, and reusable waste bags) needed to pick up trash so they can spruce up a public space in the community. It could be a park, a schoolyard, or any spot in the neighborhood that’s in need of some TLC.

But it doesn’t stop there! Once the cleanup challenge is complete, all the supplies should be donated to an organization that can use them to help keep their spaces clean and tidy too. It could be a nursing home, an animal shelter, a school or even a community center – the choice is yours as long as the tools and supplies find a new home where they will continue to benefit the community.

Asking friends, family and other Foresters’ members is great – the more the merrier – but members can do this activity all on their own too.

For more information and to join the challenge, visit MyForesters.

Volunteering is an important way to learn about the needs and challenges of others in your community and to cultivate a purpose-driven life. It’s also a wonderful way to help children or grandchildren develop compassion and a life-long commitment to caring for others.

And remember, you don’t even have to leave home to be a volunteer! There are lots of virtual volunteer opportunities and ways to make a difference from the comfort of home if you have limited mobility or are introverted and more comfortable doing something quietly on your own.

Foresters is proud of the compassionate work our members do each and every day, and thankful that together we are helping to change the world.

*Foresters Care is not a personal grant. Members must make all purchases with the funds provided. Personal expenditures will not be reimbursed. An incomplete/unsubmitted post activity report will result in an audit and/or suspension of your grant application privileges. Foresters reserves all rights and discretion to approve or refuse any application.

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