Thanking our members and employees on our 150th anniversary

Men in business suits
Men in business suits

Foresters Financial™ has come a long way since 1874. Since then, our employees helped shape our organization, and our members have shown us the difference people can make in the communities they love. To help us celebrate, we couldn’t pass up a wonderful opportunity to thank the people who have made our organization thrive and grow.

Messages from our executive team:

“I couldn’t be prouder of the work our members have put in to support their communities over the years. We’ve got a lot to celebrate!” – Richard Hennick, International Fraternal President

“Our employees and board of directors are truly honored and humbled to be a part of our members’ provision of security for their loved ones while building financial peace of mind for their years to come.” – Daniel Fortin, Chair of the Board

“Since joining Foresters, I’ve had the privilege of seeing and participating in the positive impact our members drive in their communities. Today, I’ve never been more energized to help our members give back to the people and places they care about most.” – Matt Berman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Take a look back at how far Foresters has come!

To go with our thanks and to continue the celebration of our 150th birthday, in our latest Foresters Report, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite moments from our storied history across Canada, the US and the UK! You can also see how our members made a difference from previous years and how they use their benefits to make a difference today.

Read our 2023 Foresters Report now and see how our organization has grown since 1874.

Thank you for being a part of Foresters and for everything you do to make the world brighter!

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