Outdoor exercises that are perfect for spring

Spring is in the air in the UK and Europe, which means now is the perfect time to make the most of the better weather by exercising outside. While the season may not be completely warm, the chances of sunshine and reasonable temperatures are high so you don’t need to relegate your workouts to inside.

So exactly what type of exercises can you do outside this spring to make the most of the weather? We’ve got some great ideas that are sure to be ideal for the summer too, helping improve your fitness and overall wellbeing:


One of the most popular outdoor exercises is jogging, which can be pretty miserable during the winter as no one wants to run in the rain.

Outdoor jogging is also a lot more interesting than putting the miles behind you on a treadmill. You can find different routes and terrains, which will help you push yourself.


If you’re after a new challenge, why not try your hand at climbing? This isn’t something you can do without the correct equipment, but if you know someone who has exprerience on the rocks, you could always go along with them to make the most of their knowledge.

Of course, it could also be a good idea to get some practice in on an indoor climbing wall before you head out to natural rock formations to enjoy a spot of climbing in the sunshine. This will ensure you know how to set up your equipment and have some techniques to fall back on.


It isn’t quite warm enough to go for a swim in the sea or rivers yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some time on the water. Kayaking can be a good workout for your upper body and is suitable for most skill levels.

You can kayak on your own, with friends in separate crafts or with another person in a larger kayak. This means you and your partner or friends can help encourage each other and make your workout more sociable.

Tai Chi or yoga

For a great relaxing and toning exercise, you can try outdoor Tai Chi or yoga. While you can perform both of these exercises inside, there’s something even more calming about doing them outside in nature.

Why not look for a class near you that gathers in a park or green area? This could be a great way to start your day, as there is nothing quite like performing these diverse types of exercise as the sun is coming up.

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