Giving back together

giving back

Something incredible happens when you give; you get so much back in return. In fact, studies have shown that volunteering is good for both your mind and body, providing many benefits to both physical and mental health including combating depression, increasing self-confidence, providing a sense of purpose and keeping you mentally and physically active.1

Perhaps most importantly, it can help make you happy — and that’s a great thing to experience together as a family, especially right now.

How to get started

Making it a family affair helps everyone get involved and feel invested in the good works. Sit down and do some brainstorming together. You can start by asking the following questions:

  • What can we do to help each other? You might start by suggesting things like pitching in more around the house, listening better, having dedicated periods of screen-free time and spending more time together, eating meals as a family or planning games nights. From there, see where the conversation leads!
  • Who do we know that could use some help? Is there an isolated neighbor or family member who needs some extra love or assistance? Do we know a family that’s struggling? Is there a local charity doing good things in our community that we could support in some way?
  • What kinds of activities do we enjoy that we might be able to turn into random acts of kindness? Do we like baking, sewing, knitting, making art or connecting with others? Could we bake cookies for a friend, knit or sew chemo caps and other comfort items for a local charity, make handmade cards to distribute at hospitals or nursing homes, or adopt a grandparent?

Foresters can help you make a difference

Foresters Community Grants allow members to plan local activities for their families and other Foresters members, creating exciting volunteer opportunities. Foresters members can apply for up to $2,000 in funding, and take advantage of tools and resources to help host a local volunteer event. For example, you  and your family members might put together hygiene kits for a local homeless shelter, comfort kits for children in crisis or back-to-school kits for kids. Having your children involved in all stages of the planning will help them feel engaged and extra proud when the activity is completed.

Members can also visit to find out about opportunities to attend volunteer activities happening right in their own communities.

Encouraging children to get involved in giving back is a wonderful way to help infuse their lives with the joy that comes from living a meaningful and purpose-filled existence, and working together as a family makes it extra special for them — and you.


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