Resources for parents – managing kids through COVID-19

With schools out due to COVID-19, parents everywhere are scrambling to find ways to keep their kids active and occupied – and safe by practicing social distancing.

And lots of organizations are stepping up to help – from school boards, to museums and children’s television shows.

Learn, create, explore, and stay active – all from home! Here are just a few great resources that are available:


  • The Ontario government has the Ontario Online Curriculum, for elementary through secondary, to keep on track with school work. Please check your respective province or state school boards for your local equivalent.
  • These organizations also provide downloadable worksheets to maintain a daily learning routine – WeAreTeachers, 123HomeSchool4Me and Google Classroom.


From drawing to brainteasers and art programs – stimulating and expressing creativity, while stuck inside is still possible with the resources below:

Travel and explore – from the comfort of your home

With virtual field trips, the exploration options are endless.

Stay active

Keep recess alive! Physical is just as important as mental activity.

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