Relaxation tips for a stress-free mind

Whether you work long hours or you’re just always on the go, sometimes it can be difficult to relax and relieve ourselves from feelings of stress.

Constantly feeling tense and on edge will leave you flustered and unable to wind down. If your mind is constantly worrying and you find it hard to switch off, you’re bound to have increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

This can lead to severe health problems in the long-run, such as high blood pressure and even heart attack. While it’s normal to feel a little stressed out every now and again, it’s important to find the right balance and relax your mind and body to alleviate any tension and pressure.

Why not follow these relaxation tips for a stress-free mind?

Focus on breathing

Whenever you feel stressed or anxious, take some time out to stop what you are doing and focus on your breathing.

Inhale and exhale slowly and deeply, ensuring your breaths are kept under control. Comfort is key while doing this, so sit in a comfy chair or lie down on the sofa or bed with your legs stretched out. Remove or loosen any tight clothing that could restrict your breathing.

Focus on your breathing for three to five minutes or until you have reached a state of calm.


Exercise is a great help when it comes to relieving stress, not just through your body, but also your mind.

Less intense exercise like yoga or swimming will help to clear your mind and keep you fit at the same time. What’s more, engaging in mindfulness therapy, such as adult colouring books, are known to lead the way towards a stress-free mind.

Learn to say ‘no’

While you may have learned to say ‘yes’ to every opportunity, sometimes it’s okay to say ‘no’. Agreeing to every plan and suggestion proposed to you by your friends and family can leave you feeling burned out and taking on more than you can chew.

If you’re feeling a little worn out and stressed, turn down an offer in place of having a relaxing evening filled with your favorite films and a nice hot bath.

Set achievable goals

It’s easy to become stressed if you set your goals too high. This means that if you don’t achieve them, you will see yourself as a failure, which isn’t a positive outlook to have.

Instead, go easy on yourself by setting realistic, achievable goals. Remember, there’s no rush, so take your time. Of course, we all want to succeed, but you’ll only hinder yourself if you try to do too much in a short space of time.

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