Woman riding a bike.

Unplug and give yourself a digital detox

Too much screen time can be harmful. On March 4 let’s unplug so we can give ourselves a break from screens and connect with others.
man riding bike

How to keep your heart healthy

When it comes to your health, there are a lot of things that can affect it. However, one of the most important areas of...

How to spring clean your health

Spring is the perfect time to break away from any bad habits you may have developed over winter and get your health back on...

How meditation helps you to relax and sleep better

For many of us, caring for our bodies can be extremely challenging. Life often throws at us physical and mental stressors that can keep...

Sugar cravings holding you back? You might need sleep

The choice to eat nutritious foods and build a healthy lifestyle requires a daily commitment. Even though you have your goal in sight, it...

Simple exercises that you can do in your office to ease back pain

Back pain affects people of all shapes, sizes, and professions. In fact, research shows that back pain, especially low back pain, affects over 80%...
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Waking up in winter: How to avoid sleeping in

Waking up in the winter can feel difficult some days. Well, most days, if we're being honest! It's dark, and everything outside the duvet...
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Avoiding office colds: How to stay healthy at work in winter

Working in an office can be great at times. You'll be surrounded with colleagues you can socialise with, who will be there to support...