Mental Wellness During #COVID19

Here are some resources to help manage your mental wellness through the uncertainty of COVID-19:

Resilience: This can be a time to work on improving skills that help us grow and improve.

One area is resilience and here is a great video that can help you learn the art of failing forward. Another great tool are exercises to help you build resilience in your everyday life.

Self-Care: Health experts are speaking up the importance of self-care as we deal with higher levels of stress and emotional depletion.

Here are some great home self-care ideas, with options for any personality or home environment.

Stress Management: We all deal with stress differently, here are some of the best and worst ways to cope. The important thing is to identify the type of stress you’re experiencing and having an effective way to deal with it.

Sleep hygiene: With more hours at home, hopefully we all are clocking in more sleep. While we rest, our body gets to reset and build up strength for another day. Here are some tips to improve your sleep.

Some of us are having trouble falling asleep, especially with so much on our minds. Here are some guided sleep meditations to hopefully make it easier to fall asleep.

Mental health is wealth. Please take the time to check out some of these resources to help you take care of yourself.

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