Physical Wellness During #COVID19

In the best of times, achieving wellness may be challenging. Undoubtedly, this pandemic has magnified existing and created new challenges.

To help you find some balance, we’ve pulled a few resources:

Nutrition: A healthy diet provides vital nutrients to the body to keep us physically and mentally strong. Here is a great article on how to stock a healthy pantry for balanced meals.

A healthy body starts in the kitchen and here are some tips on how to eat well.

Dangers of a sedentary lifestyle: Many jobs are increasingly sedentary, with long days sitting at a desk.

To better understand, here is a video explaining the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle.

As we all work from home, we can get in some desk-exercises to get out of our seats.

Benefits of an active lifestyle: Being active doesn’t have to be hard. Do the things that you enjoy and make exercise a daily habit – even if you don’t have equipment or live in a small space.

Start with a physical wellness checklist to stay on track.

If you’re looking for free workout videos for every level of fitness, here is a great source.

Preventive health: Once we get on the other side of this social distancing, make sure to visit your doctor, dentist and optometrist regularly. By having regular visits, any health issues are caught early, and your health team can help you build out a health plan specific to your lifestyle.

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