Great watersports for summer fitness

Working out in the summer can be a bit unpleasant. If the weather is hot enough as it is, the last thing you want to do is head to the gym to exercise or go for a run.

Luckily, there are ways you can workout but stay cool. Watersports are a great way to exercise but not end up feeling uncomfortable in the warm summer weather.

Being out in the sea or on a lake can allow you to enjoy the cooling effect of the water while also getting a full body workout.

If you want to try a different type of exercise in the summer, here are some great watersports to try:


Surfing really is a full body workout, as well as being a lot of fun. Even if you spend more time off your board than on it after getting wiped out, you still get plenty of exercise.

For starters, you workout your upper body when paddling your board. You then improve your core strength when moving to stand on your board, while you exercise your legs when you’re in the water and when steering your surfboard.

The sport helps to improve endurance and strength, so you’ll soon find that your surfing ability improves the more your hit the waves.


If you want to explore the water but fancy something a bit different from kayaking, stand-up paddle-boarding could be your new workout.

You need balance to paddle-board as it requires you to stand straight and use one paddle to steer and propel yourself along. This means that your core gets an amazing workout, as do your arms.

The more your paddle-board, the better your balance and stability will be.


One activity that is a lot of fun and can really get your adrenaline going is windsurfing. Not only does your core get a workout from needing to balance on your board for long periods of time, your upper body and back get one too from controlling the sail.

Once you really get the hang of windsurfing and can do more on your board, you’ll benefit from a great cardio workout. However, even starting out will provide good exercise, as you’ll likely have to pull yourself back onto your board a fair amount.


One of the easiest watersports to enjoy has to be swimming. This is easy to do and you can enjoy a swim in a pool, a lake or the sea, meaning you don’t need to be near the coast to swim regularly.

Swimming is a low-impact sport that is ideal for increasing endurance and strength. Some people find that swimming reducing pain from injuries and it is a great choice of workout if you are recovery.

The resistance of the water makes your muscles work, even if you’re just having a leisurely swim, so you can take it at your own pace. For an extra workout, try activities like aqua aerobics or water Zumba.

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