Social wellness during COVID-19

Even with physical distancing, social contact is a fundamental human need. Here are some resources to help you get your social fix during COVID-19.

Loneliness: Canadian Mental Health Week was a few weeks ago and a major theme was social connection as a remedy for loneliness, even during a pandemic. This video features three components of connectedness to help fight loneliness.

This article provides some guidelines on how to stay virtually-connected, to combat loneliness.

Volunteering is a great way to connect people, is good for the mind and body, provides leadership opportunities, and offers fun and fulfillment. Foresters Caring Through Crisis grant program helps members continue to volunteer and give back to their communities while practicing physical distancing.

Family Dynamics: We’re all home more now than usual, which can impact family dynamics. Here are some tips on how to foster healthy relationships.

The sandwich generation may be taking care of kids and elderly parents. Here are some ways to manage the varying needs.

Efforts made now will pay dividends once COVID-19 has passed, in maintaining our relationships and social wellness. Here is a helpful social wellness toolkit that can help us all stay on track.

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