Popular Foresters Go workouts

Doing regular exercise will help improve your fitness, as well as improving your Foresters Go health score. It can also make achieving your weight loss goals easier if you combine it with good nutrition.

However, despite the various advantages of working out, such as lower stress levels and other health benefits, some people struggle to know where to start. The important thing about exercise and committing to healthier lifestyle long-term is to find a form of exercise that you enjoy, rather than something that feels like a chore.

Finding one that you enjoy may take a little work and will probably involve experimenting with a number of forms of exercise. Some of the most popular Foresters Go workouts are listed below:


Running is something that people either love or hate but it can be a brilliant way to get fitter and lose weight if you happen to be in the former group. This is a cheap and accessible option that can be done just about anywhere at anytime. Running can also be incredibly rewarding as you can track your achievements as you gradually improve. Setting and reaching goals is also easy if you are a keen runner. With Foresters Go you can set yourself targets to run a certain distance over a month, which can help you train for one-off goals such as marathons.


For those that aren’t quite up to marathons yet, or just can’t get on with running, walking is a brilliant alternative. It requires a much lower level of fitness and can easily be incorporated into a busy routine. For example, instead of taking the bus you could walk to work, or walk to the next bus stop depending on how far away you live. Apart from a good pair of shoes, it’s completely free to do, meaning that it is cheap too.


Over the past decade yoga has become incredibly popular, whether you want to combine it with other exercise or use it as your main workout, it has numerous health benefits. It can be the ideal solution if you are put off by the thought of going outside and are shy about people seeing you sweat. There are various DVDs or online videos that can help you get started with yoga and it isn’t dependent on the weather, meaning you can fit it into your routine year-round. It is also rewarding as the more you do it, the stronger you will become and you may even wish to join a local class with your friends or colleagues.

Gym sessions

The price of gyms has significantly reduced over the past few years, with more companies marketing themselves to budget-conscious people. If you can get over other people seeing you work out then gyms can be a brilliant form of exercise. Those that crave flexibility and change may really benefit from this kind of environment as you can do ten or 15 minutes on each piece of apparatus or join a handful of classes to give yourself variety and avoid you getting bored with one form of exercise.


Whether it’s Zumba or salsa, dancing has quickly become one of the most popular ways for both men and women to introduce more activity into their lifestyle. There is a great social aspect to dancing classes that can really work for people that feel as though they are having to choose between socializing and working out. Joining a dance class with your friends or colleagues is a brilliant way to do something fun together that will also improve your health.

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