Top five ways to keep employees healthy

Healthy employees

Having healthy employees can have a number of benefits from a business’ perspective but knowing how to encourage this in a positive and engaging way can be difficult to achieve. At the end of the day, it’s important that your workers are fit and healthy but few companies can afford to waste resources on unsuccessful ventures.

Below, we’ve outlined some of the easiest ways to encourage staff within your organisation to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Fruit box

For the large number of companies that have office-based workers it can be hard to find something that will engage all people in different departments. However, having a fruit box delivered to each office or department is a relatively low-cost way to help your workers get their five a day. Research has shown that office workers are most likely to snack so why not have free fruit for them to eat rather than having them pick up a biscuit?

It’s also fairly easy to see whether these are a success or not. Most companies will let you pay on a monthly basis so you won’t be tied into a lengthy contract if it proves unpopular with your workforce.


Offering a range of health incentives can be great for your employees’ fitness but can also help you secure the best talent in your profession. Having something like the dacadoo platform as part of your employment package can help you stand out from the crowd and helps to improve morale. By having something like this, you are showing your employees that their health is a priority to you and the company as a whole, this means they will be more likely to stick with you should a rival firm come to poach them or another job opportunity arises.


Water is an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle but far too many people drink far too little. Having a station within your office or department will make it easier for workers to get up and help themselves to a glass of refreshing water. Many people are put off tap water and if that is all that is on offer, you may find employees are less than keen to drink the recommended daily allowance.

Cycle-to-work scheme

For companies based in cities this is a no-brainer as few people want to spend a large amount of time on public transport. This may have already occurred to some of your workers but they were unsure about the logistics like where they would store the bike or how to get fresh after exercise. Having a cycle-to-work scheme that is endorsed by the company encourages people to get on their bike and leaves you with a healthier, fitter workforce. It may also be worth considering doing one-off rewards based on who has cycled the most to further encourage workers to bike to the office, and to get competitive with each other.

Third-party companies

If you work within a city, it is likely that you can get support from other companies to help keep your workforce healthy. This can be anything from gym membership discounts to smoothies or local fitness classes. Not only will this help you to support local businesses but will also add to how valued your workers feel.

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