How exercise can lead to a better workforce

Better workforce

Of course many businesses are concerned with how happy and healthy their workforce are, as they may have worked in the company for a number of years, be considered friends, or just because morally it is the right thing to do. However, at the end of the day, a business is there to generate money, which has become especially difficult in recent years with many companies falling into the red.

This has meant that firms have had to priorities profits above everything else, but ensuring that a workforce is happy and healthy can help improve a business in a number of ways. Many companies are looking at ways they can invest their profits to further secure revenue for the future.

Healthier staff are more productive

Exercise is good for a number of reasons, not only does it reduce chance of illness, but it also encourages better mental health, sleep and less stress. By encouraging good health and exercise within your company, and maybe including complimentary health benefits within your employment packages, you are promoting a culture where staff will be more productive during their working hours.

Less time off sick 

Having a company where health and exercise is a top concern will encourage your employees to do this in their spare time. By encouraging a healthier lifestyle, from a combination of sleep, nutrition and exercise, you are helping to safeguard your company. Having staff call in sick costs businesses millions of pounds in revenue and loss of productivity every year, but having staff that embark on a healthy lifestyle will help reduce the amount of time that each worker spends off sick.

Of course, there will still be the odd stomach bug that makes it around the office and those workers that suffer from migraines occasionally, but a culture of good health and wellbeing within a business can significantly reduce the number of sick days that befall your company.

More loyal staff

By investing in ventures that put your employee’s health as a strong priority in your business model, you are encouraging people to stay longer within your company. It will allow them to feel as though their health and wellbeing is a concern for the firm, and let your staff know that they are appreciated and valued within the business.

This is very beneficial for a company. The recruitment process is a time consuming and expensive one, which not many employers enjoy going through, and then of course you have any training within the business to bring them up to speed on top of that. All-in-all finding, recruiting and training new staff is a financial drain, meaning that you should be using every tool you can to encourage current employees to stay within your company. More loyal staff are also more likely to work harder and go above and beyond in their role, which will put you above all of your competitors.

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