Nov2019-COPD Awareness

COPD awareness: learn more, breathe better™

Find out what COPD is, how to recognise the symptoms, and what treatment options are available for this progressive disease.
August2019-Toxic relationships

Toxic relationships: how to recognize them and end them

Good relationships, be they with a friend, spouse, parent or significant other, make us feel good. In fact, Psychology Today says that satisfying relationships influence...

Aging gracefully: love the skin you’re in

  Let’s clear something up: aging gracefully doesn’t mean spending thousands of dollars and countless hours trying to look 16, nor does it mean “giving...

What to do when pandemic fatigue hits

It’s real and these steps can help.

Lifehacks for living in an age of anxiety

We all feel overwhelmed sometimes. Occasionally, we might find ourselves simmering with anxiety caused by stress and worry. While uncomfortable, these feelings usually subside when...

Colon cancer: Symptoms, Risk Factors and Preventions

Let’s start with the good news: despite its high incidence rate, colorectal cancer is one of the most preventable and, if it’s found early,...

Simple habits that can make you happier

Try these five simple activities for 21 days and see if it helps you see the world with slightly more rose-colored glasses.
August2019-community choir

Sing, sing, sing! Lend your voice to a community choir

You probably know from personal experience that singing feels good. Whether it’s belting out a Beatles tune in the shower, or singing along to...