How competitiveness can improve your Health Score

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Many of us like to win. It’s a common trait for people all around the world. However, it seems to be especially abundant in people who enjoy exercise and working out. This can sometimes be a negative attribute and can cause tension between friendship groups, especially if you all share the same competitive tendencies.

However, it doesn’t have to be a disadvantage. If you are using a well-being app like Foresters Go, you can use this competitive edge to your advantage and make it a positive quality that helps you further your health and fitness and reach your goals.

But how can competitiveness help improve your Health Score?

Reduce your stress

Doing fitness classes and fun activities with your friends is very much encouraged and rewarded within Foresters Go, which improves your Health Score. People who are of a competitive nature are more likely to work out with their friends (in order to beat them) and this can not only boost your Health Score in terms of your fitness levels, but also reduces your stress levels.

Various research has shown that doing regular exercise can help reduce your stress levels, and generally help you lead a healthier lifestyle, which improves your Health Score on all counts! By being competitive with your classes, gym sessions or runs, you are also more likely to have fun while you are doing it. Socializing with your friends while exercising means your stress levels will be even lower than working out on your own, which can be lonely and not as motivating.

Encourage your exercise

In the same vein, being competitive encourages you to get off your sofa and run more, even if it is just to beat your friend’s Health Score this week or the distance they have run. Foresters Go allows you to make the most of your competitiveness by enabling you to see exactly what your friends have been doing. This will encourage you to go out and run a little bit further or work a little bit harder in the gym, which will show in your Health Score.

If you and your friends or family are all using the Foresters Go, you can use each other’s competitiveness to achieve your fitness goals and reach your targets. Working out together is a lot more fun than exercising alone and will spur you on to run a little bit harder or faster so that you beat your friend’s Health Score.

Make better nutrition choices

Truly competitive people are competitive in all areas of their life, from everything like board games at Christmas to what they eat, and it is the latter that will help improve your Health Score. If you see that your friend has lost more weight than you this week, although you’ll be pleased for them, inside you’ll be wanting to beat them when you next step on the scales. This will mean that you are more likely to pick the salad over the hot dog when you next go out for something to eat. This will improve your Health Score when you are filling in the nutrition questions with your coach, as well as helping you improve you health and hit your health and fitness goals.

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