Emotional labor: who bears the brunt in your relationship?

The unequal division of home- and family-management tasks can lead to tension. Find out how to change this dynamic.

Cool summer meals for a long hot summer

Try some of these healthy, summer-friendly recipes that will help you keep your cool during the dog days of summer.

Practical ways to save for college

Applying for a Foresters Competitive Scholarship is one way to help offset the cost of post-secondary education. Find out what else you can do to save money for college!

Is your bank working as hard for you as you are?

Practical tips to help you advocate for your best interests so you can make sure your bank is doing everything it can to help you get ahead.

Calm the chaos: how to restore balance to your life

Discover ten simple ways to bring some equilibrium and peace back into every area of your life including work, home, and health.

Food supplements and vitamins?

Through our lives it runs like a common thread: our diet. This raises again the question of how many and which vitamins I need, and when dietary supplements are useful. Our writer has gone to the bottom of this issue.

How to pick new running shoes

There has been a great deal written on running. Since the release of Christoph McDougal’s cult book Born to Run, barefoot running has been on many people’s lips. Runners and aspiring runners have races out to buy Vibram Five Finger shoes and the shoe industry has pumped out countless numbers of minimalist shoes to try and profit on the trend.

3 best ways to stretch at your desk

Most of nowadays working time consists in a bunch of sitting-at-your-desk actions. Replying to emails, writing and editing documents, filling-out forms and spreadsheets with numbers. But there’s more: when home, after your deserved meal, you’ll probably be sitting on your (beloved) couch to watch a new episode of your favourite TV series.

Want to increase your fitness this year?

Want to increase your fitness this year? Before you go and spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars, euros, pounds or francs on a gym membership consider the following: Try walking, jogging, or running. They're easy to do at any time of day, you don't have to go far to do it and it's inexpensive. Try it, and measure your progress with QUENTIQ to stay motivated and encourage your friends to get active too.

What can Juicing REALLY do for you?

To start with, it is an amazing way to detoxify and cleanse your body. Your body works hard everyday, digesting and processing all the food you consume, plus all the other stresses you put on yourself that your body has to deal with. Since fresh juices have already been pre-digested (the fibre has been removed), drinking fresh juice regularly can give your body the break it needs to focus on healing other parts of you that it otherwise doesn’t have the time or energy to address.